Cigarette Voting Bins

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Cigarette Voting Bins

Cigarette voting bins have been introduced by Thanet District Council to raise awareness of the impact cigarette ends have on the environment.

With cigarette butts topping the list for the most common type of litter found on Thanet’s streets, the new bright yellow bins aim to encourage people to bin their butt rather than drop it on the floor. The bins are designed to draw attention by providing smokers with two options to answer a topical question using a cigarette butt to cast a vote. When used in other locations across the UK, the bins have helped cut litter by as much as 46% - particularly when the bin’s question is directed at young males.

The two voting bins will appear in various locations across the district, and the questions on the bins can be changed regularly. Suggestions for questions are welcome via

Does it work?

The Ballot Bin has been proven to reduce cigarette butt litter by 46%

How many cigarettes fit in the bin?

Approximately 400 – 600 cigarettes butts

How will this help reduce litter?

Research by environmental organisation, Hubbub, found that litter was mainly generated at night by young men and that cigarette butts were the item most littered. The voting bin was their response to these research findings and builds on proven behaviour change techniques. The bin is a fun game helping to jolt people out of their normal littering routine. It is topical – the questions can be changed as often as we like and can be focussed reflecting the interests of the audience we are trying to reach.