What day is my rubbish bin collected?

The council operates a front of property sack, dustbin or Wheeled Bin collection service with weekly waste collections from almost 68,000 properties.

What day is my rubbish collected?

Find your bin collections day (.xlsx)

Please enter your postcode with a space (for example CT9 1XZ) and then on your keyboard press the enter key. Your bin collection day will then be shown.

Where should I put my waste for collection?

Wherever possible, please leave your refuse in the front garden of your property, just next to the pavement. Our collection rounds start at 6.00am, please make sure your waste is available for collection on time.

Until the day of collection all waste must be securely stored on your property, leaving it out days in advance of the collection day is unsightly and causes litter problems - you also risk prosecution.

What should I put my rubbish in?

For collection your waste must be securely contained in standard black refuse sacks (70/80 litre).  The black sacks can be placed in standard dustbins if you wish - carrier bags and cardboard boxes are not acceptable. 

If you receive a wheelie bin collection you must place the black sacks in your black lidded wheelie bin to ensure collection.  However, all recyclable waste should remain loose inside your blue lidded wheelie bin. 

There are some properties and larger blocks of flats that have communal storage areas or use large waste storage bins - please use these with respect for your neighbours.

For those properties that receive a clear blue bag collection, please keep the bags within the boundary of your property.

What shouldn't I put in my bin?

The Council will remove all suitable contained waste, however we will not remove sacks or bins containing bricks, rubble, soil, hardcore or paint (the paint can leak from the vehicle). 

We do offer a number of door to door recycling facilities and urge you to use these for the disposal of recyclable materials where the service is offered.

  • If you are on the wheelie bin collection scheme please see information on what you can put in your wheeled bin

  • Clinical Waste / Needles should not be placed in normal refuse, please see clinical waste

  • Garden waste ideally should be composted, or join our green waste collection scheme,  for information please see Green waste and recycling

  • For information about disposing of large or unusual items of waste please refer to bulky waste


All recyclable waste collected via Wheeled Bins and all residual waste is taken for disposal to TW Services Waste Processing and Recycling Centre at Sandwich.