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How much money is spent on suppliers

In line with government direction, from December 2010 - December 2012, Thanet District Council has published supplier spend over £500 using the local spending data guidance which can be found at  To further increase transparency, from January 2013 the authority has published spend of £250 and above. 

All Government procurement card transactions have been published from September 2014 in line with the Local Transparency Code October 2014. In addition, from October 2014, we have added two additional columns to show non-recoverable VAT and the merchant category and further advanced the expense data by providing more information about the type of spend.

Please note the reports are system generated and will therefore include some abbreviations.

The data is published below on a monthly basis with the file name including the relevant month/year. This will be in PDF, CSV and XML formats.

Open Data and Transparency

We are committed to open data and transparency. Open data means making the non-personal information we hold freely available to everyone in a format that can be reused.

Anyone can use our data. You don't have to apply or ask for permission, but you do have to agree to the terms of the Open Government Licence for public sector information.

There are 12 data fields. These are all mandatory fields with the exception of the fund type column which we have added to further assist in identifying the type of spend between revenue and balance sheet

Payments to local authorities and government bodies have been included in the report but it needs to be appreciated that these payments usually represent transfer of funds and will also be included as detailed expenditure in the relevant body’s supplier spend report

  • Body - Thanet's unique URI ().
  • Body name - Name of authority (Thanet District Council).
  • Date - Date paid.
  • Transaction number - Unique system reference number. Procurement card transactions show with a 'PC' reference
  • Amount - Line value excluding VAT where the total transaction (transaction number) is over £250 including VAT. For example, a payment of £600.00 including VAT equally charged to different directorates (expense area) will show as 5 separate lines of £100.00. From April 2016 Amount -  Line value excluding VAT where the total transaction (transaction number) is over £250 excluding VAT.
  • Supplier name - Name of Supplier. 
    Please note, if this is considered to be of a personal nature the supplier name will be replaced with 'REDACTED PERSONAL DATA' OR 'REDACTED COMMERCIAL CONFIDENTIALITY'.
  • Non-recoverable VAT included in amount - VAT value shown here has not been reclaimed.
  • Supplier ID - Internal supplier code where applicable.
  • Expense area - Thanet's organisational department or directorate.

    The expense area reflects organisational changes from April 2011 data and from April 2012 data, Commercial Services has been re-titled Director of Operations and Community Services re-titled Director of Community Services.

    The July 2012 appointment of a Director of Corporate Services and Transformation with responsibility for all corporate services, results in a change to the data published from this date by combining Business Services, Corporate and Regulatory Services and Financial Services/Deputy S151.

    From October 2014 the expense area has been updated to record the directorate name.

    The October 2015 appointment of a Director of Corporate Governance and Monitoring Officer results in a change to the data published from this date by combining Democratic Services and Legal Services.

  • Fund type - Identify if spend is revenue or balance sheet.
  • Expense type - Type of expenditure.
  • Category Description - Merchant category of the supplier. The ProClass Procurement Classification has been used to categorise our suppliers. Please note that as it is only possible to allocate one category to a supplier the category shown for particular items may not be a true reflection of the item bought.  This is particularly relevant to large national or multinational suppliers who provide a range of products and services.

Future reports

At some point in the future we intend to add additional discretionary data fields to the report.