Palm Bay Recreation Ground

Address: Palm Bay Recreation Ground, Palm Bay Avenue, Margate CT9 3NR


Public Transport 

  • Thanet Loop – Bus 
  • Margate Train station – 40 minute walk


Site Description 

This is a large green open space that is is enclosed. There are residential properties surround some of the site and the site is based on a coastal road.


Site Area: 49,947.7m²


Event Types

  • Community
  • Active Recreation Sessions
  • Enthusiast
  • Charity 



  • Electicity: None
  • Water: None
  • Toilets: None
  • Parking: Site can be used for event parking. Free parking bays along the side of the green at Palm bay avenue


  • Two entrances with barriers. (Keys available from the Events Team)
  • Pedestrian access either side of barriers
  • Tarmac pavement on Palm Bay Avenue leads onto grassed area.


Event History: Boot Fairs, Parking areas for Charity races, Oh So Retro (Car enthusiast event) 



If it is a wet season, an event organiser maybe given two weeks’ notice from TDC that they will not be able to use the site. Therefore event organisers will need to have a contingency plan for relocating their event in the circumstance of adverse conditions. If grass  areas are damaged, the reinstatement cost for the grassed area would need to be reimbursed by the Event Organiser. Grass can be affected by the usage. Events will be spaced out with two/three weeks in between enabling the surface to recover. ONLY 7 Bootfairs will be permitted in a year. 

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