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Important information: Please note that Garden Waste collections will resume from Monday 15 August.

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To dispose of your garden waste in an environmentally friendly way for just £55 per year simply click on the sign up button and join the garden waste service.

Frequently asked questions about joining the scheme

Disposing of garden waste in the same bin as your general waste has a negative impact on the environment as it leads to the production of methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas. Find out more about the scheme below.

It costs £55 per year for garden waste collections plus a one-off charge of £36 per bin


As we have moved to a new online subscription service we will no longer be accepting direct debit as a form of payment, only debit or credit cards. All existing direct debits will be cancelled from 31 March 2022. 

Please ensure you subscribe and pay via the portal to ensure there is no interruption to your garden waste service.


The set up fee covers setting up your account, checking your bin is ok to be used and administration of setting up your collection.


Our in cab system means we can now digitally identify which addresses have subscribed to the service and therefore stickers and tags are no longer required.


New Customers

Example: Select the total number of bin subscriptions you require, each bin with incur a one-off set up fee

Existing Customers

Example 1: if you have 1 bin subscription then want to continue with 1 then you select 1 new subscription. This will charge 1 x yearly subscription

Example 2: If you have 1 bin subscription and want 2 for this year then you need to select 2 new subscriptions. This will charge you for 2 x collection subscriptions and 1 x bin set up fee.


The garden waste scheme runs from 1 April to 31 March with a 4 week break over the christmas period. The subscription cost s annual and there is no reduction for joining part way through the year.


Subscriptions are paid annually and therefore we are unable to offer any refunds for cancellations part way through the year.


If you move please complete the change of address form


Your garden waste will be collected once every two weeks throughout the year apart from a few weeks over Christmas and New Year.

If you are already subscribed you can login to the Waste Services portal to check your collection day

Please refer your calendar, local newspapers and this website for arrangements over this period.


Log in to the waste services portal to view the status of your collection. If there is a reason we have been unable to to empty your bin you will see this information on the date of your collection for example:

  • Bin  not presented – this means that your bin was not presented by 6am on the day of your collection
  • Non-permitted items – this means there were items in your bin that are not permitted for collection as part of this service. 

If your property has a status of bin not presented or non permitted items we will not be able to return to your property until your next scheduled collection. 

You will need to bring your bin back onto your property.

There are alternative disposal options such as the household waste and recycling centres on Manston Road, Margate or Sandwich Road, Richborough. 

If your collection is showing as completed but your bin has not been emptied you can click on the dropdown to report this as a missed collection


Yes you can have upto 5 garden waste bins, however you will need to pay for each additional bin and for each bin to be collected.


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