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        Empty property review

        Every year we have to make sure that any properties in our area which have been declared as unoccupied and unfurnished are still empty. If you have received a letter from us, please complete the form below to tell us about your property. If we have written to you about more than one property, please […]

        Your notification letters explained

        Your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support notification letters explain how much Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support you get, and how this has been worked out. You can receive your future letters quicker by signing up to paperless notifications. We send you a new letter every time there is a change to the amount of Housing Benefit and Council […]

        Pay your Council Tax by phone

        You can phone our automated touch tone system 24 hours a day on 01843 577259. Please make sure you have your Council Tax account number to hand as well as your card details.

        Having difficulty paying your Council Tax?

        If you’re on a low income or are entitled to a benefit paid by the Department for Work and Pensions or the Pension Service, you may be entitled to Council Tax Support. You can also check if you could get a discount or exemption on your Council Tax. If you owe Council Tax If you owe Council Tax, […]

        Council Tax discounts and exemptions

        Only people over the age of 18 are counted for Council Tax. If everyone living in a property is under the age of 18, it will be exempt (which means you don’t have to pay Council Tax for the property). Information about discounts and exemptions that can apply to certain people and types of properties […]

        Your Council Tax bill explained

        The Council Tax you pay goes towards local services such as policing, fire services, education, parks and household rubbish collections. The amount of Council Tax you have to pay depends on the area that you live in and which property band your home is given. Your bill will be adjusted if you qualify for any of the Council […]

        Council Tax scams

        We have been advised of some recent Council Tax scams. Council Tax refund email scam We have been told about a scam where people are receiving an email saying they are entitled to a Council Tax refund and provides a link to follow.  You should not click the link in the email. If you want […]

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