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We can only deal with graffiti on signs or buildings that the Council owns. Please see the guidance below regarding how we deal with graffiti and who to contact if it is on private property.

Complaints of graffiti are dealt with differently depending on whether the graffiti is obscene or not, or whether it is located on public or private land. As a council we are usually unable to clear graffiti from private property. Obscene graffiti is prioritised.

Obscene graffiti includes anything that may be offensive and can include things such as anti religious symbols, swear words and phallic drawings. Obscene or offensive graffiti is prioritised and we aim for it to be cleared within 24 working hours. Details of the location and type of graffiti must be given when reported in order for us to gather evidential images.

Standard Graffiti. Reports of graffiti that are considered standard, in that they are not of an obscene or offensive in nature, are added to a weekly clearance list.

Graffiti on private land / property. The council is unable to clear standard graffiti on private land. In this instance details can be taken but we would advise members of the public to report the graffiti to the land owner directly. This also includes graffiti on Network Rail land, BT Phone boxes and bus shelters.

We cannot remove graffiti from places such as post boxes or substations that do not belong to the council. For graffiti in this case please use one of the following numbers:

  • Post boxes – Royal Mail 0845 774 0740
  • BT phone boxes – British Telecom 0800 661 610
  • Railway land including bridges – Network Rail 08457 114 141
  • Electricity substations – EDF Energy 0207 2429 050
  • Street lighting, illuminated bollards and traffic signs – Kent County Council (Highways) 03000 41 81 81
  • Water Pumping stations/cabinets- Southern Water 0330 3030368
  • Cabinets – Virgin Media 0333 000 5925
  • Bus Shelters – Clear Channel 0800 731 3699

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