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        Casual Vacancies

        If a councillor leaves their seat during the course of their term, a casual vacancy occurs. This could be due to: the resignation of a councillor; the passing away of a councillor; the disqualification (or ceasing to be qualified) of a councillor; a failure to take up office. Current vacancy notices  There are no current […]

        Your councillors

        Find out more about your councillors There are 56 Councillors in total. The political composition is: 25 Conservative; 18 Labour; 6 Thanet Independents; 3 Green 2 Independents and 2 vacant seats. You can view who your councillor is by using the My Neighbourhood tool or by clicking on the links below: Your councillors Cabinet Posts […]

        Complain about a councillor

        Standards Complaints Members of the public concerned about the conduct of Thanet District Councillors or Town/Parish Councillors can make complaints directly to Thanet District Council’s Standards Committee. Local Code of Conduct and Complaints against Councillors All Councillors have to keep to a Code of Conduct (available as part of the Council’s Constitution) to ensure they maintain the […]

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