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        Environment and Quality of Life

        Landscape Character Assessment 2017 The 2017 document assesses Thanet’s landscapes and their important features and qualities.  The document is a Kent-wide landscape assessment which aims to ensure the continued distinctiveness of our landscapes. Thanet Landscape Character Assessment August 2017 For ease of reference, figures 2.1, 2.2  and the Landscape Character map are shown below Thanet-LCA-figure-2.1-neighbouring-Character-Areas […]

        Planning policy – housing

        Economic and demographic forecasts for Thanet District Council 2013 This forecasts of the population and dwelling requirements for Thanet District between 2011 and 2031, looking at demographic population led-scenarios based upon future population trends, and economic job-led scenarios based on future levels of job growth. Economic and demographic forecasts for Thanet District Council – February […]


        Alongside the Local Plan, the Council has produced a Transport Strategy for Thanet. The strategy and supporting evidence will identify the transport challenges and changes to transport infrastructure required to underpin sustainable development through the Local Plan. Other supporting documents include: SRN Impact Report A28 Tech Note Local Model Validation Report Forecasting Report Forecast Junction […]

        Manston Airport viability reports

        Listed below are reports compiled by Avia Solutions regarding the viability of Manston Airport   Original viability report  Manston Airport viablity September 2016 The reports below relate to the Local Plan representations Local Plan Representations Review August 2017 Analysis of Manston Airport Report by Azimuth & Northpoint August 2017

        Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

        The SFRA has been prepared as part of the Council’s emerging Local Development Framework process, and  sets out the procedure to be followed when assessing new sites that fall within a flood risk area.  The SFRA is intended to provide a better understanding of flood risks, national planning guidance on Flood Risk zones, and the implications […]

        Planning complaint

        How we will handle your complaint If a breach of planning control has occurred the council will first seek the co-operation of those responsible to try and put it right. If the breach is serious and negotiation fails the council can take legal action to rectify the situation. This is usually done by service of […]

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