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        Draft Local Plan – frequently asked questions

        General What has been published for comment? the Publication draft Local Plan the Sustainability Appraisal of the draft Local Plan a draft Transport Strategy for the district that supports the Local Plan a Landscape Character Assessment, which the Council intends to adopt as supplementary planning guidance (what is known as a Supplementary Planning Document or […]

        Sustainability Appraisal

        The Local Plan is founded upon the principles of sustainable development, and what this means for Thanet. Over the course of its preparation the Local Plan has been subject to a Sustainability Appraisal which is a continuous appraisal of the sustainability of its proposals. The following documents have been produced as part of this: SA […]

        Local Plan Viability Report

        This is an assessment of the viability of the Local Plan and its proposals, and provides background evidence for the development of a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).   Thanet DC LP & CIL Viability Assessment – Final Report  Appendix I Assumptions Summary  Appendix IIa Residential Results Summary Appendix IIb strategic sites summary + summaries  Appendix […]

        Evidence Base for Potential Housing Sites

        The South East Plan required us to provide for at least 7,500 new homes in Thanet over the period 2006 to 2026.  On 13 December 2010 the Government’s Localism Bill signalled the intention to revoke that plan, and we will now need to address, through the planning process what provisions will be appropriate for Thanet. In preparing our […]

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