Dog fouling

Report dog fouling

If you have information about a dog walker who fails to pick up please report it to us.

Pick up after your dog – or face an £100 fine.

It is illegal to leave your dog’s faeces lying around in public. If you fail to pick up your dog’s mess you could be fined. Our dog wardens and enforcement officers may issue you with a fixed penalty notice of £100.

Being unaware that the dog has fouled or not having a suitable means of clearing the mess is not a reasonable excuse – and you will still face a fine.

FIDO Says Pick It Up!

Dog mess is a nuisance and it’s a public health hazard, particularly to residents who want to enjoy our beautiful public spaces in Thanet. It also costs council taxpayers’ money to clean up!

As part of our drive to clean up the district, the council has purchased a new FIDO (Faeces Intake Disposal Operation) machine, which will be deployed to clean up dog mess more quickly and effectively than previous systems.

Look out for FIDO in your local area – you can’t miss it!

Faeces Intake Disposal Operation machine purchased by Thanet District Council

Here’s what YOU can do

Dogs can’t behave irresponsibly – only owners can.

Make a note of where there are bins on your walking route. Or how about train your dog to go in the garden before walking if possible.

FIDO Says Pick It Up!

Make sure you take a supply of dog poo bags out with you, or invest in a poop scoop.

Bag it & Bin it – in any litter bin.

Thanet District Council has worked in Partnership with Tikspac to install 30 free dog waste bag dispensers around our parks and open spaces.

Did you know you can put bagged dog waste in any public litter bin around the district – not just dog poo bins. Or why not bag it and take it home to dispose in your own black bin if it’s closer.

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