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Planning Public Access will be temporarily unavailable on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th December 2019 due to system upgrade. | December 9, 8:53 am


        Missed bins

        Tell us if we have missed your bin collection

        We’re sorry your bin has not been collected

        Please ensure you read the information and check that we are not aware that your bin has been missed before completing the online form.

        Collections will either be just food or blue and food, the remainder will be cleared as soon as resources allow. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

        We are aware that the following roads have not had collections:

        During week beginning Monday 2 December 2019 we were unable to complete:

        Wednesday 11 December

        • Bellevue Avenue, Ramsgate – Black & Food – Access Issues
        • Dane Hill Row, Margate – Black & Food – Access Issues
        • Livingstone Road, Broadstairs – Black – Access Issues

        Tuesday 10 December

        • Homestead Close, Margate – Blue, Red & Food – Access Issues

        Friday 6 December

        • Carlton Avenue, Ramsgate – Blue, Red & Food – Access Issues
        • Bottom End, Muir Road, Ramsgate – Blue, Red & Food – Access Issues

        Thursday 5 December

        • Syndale Place, Ramsgate – Black & Food – Access Issues
        • *Please note: our recollections are picked up by one vehicle and all waste is mixed together. If you have recycling and would prefer it to be recycled please take your bin in and keep it until your next scheduled recycling collection.

        If your road is not listed above, please click on the link to report your missed bin.

        We will only collect your missed bin if it is reported before the end of the next working day after your collection was due.  If it is reported after this day we will not be back to collect it until the next scheduled collection.

        Missed garden waste recollections

        If your road is listed above, we are aware your collection has been missed and will collect the following day. If your road isn’t listed, please use the link above to report your missed collection.

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