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        Missed bins

        Tell us if we have missed your bin collection

        We’re sorry your bin has not been collected

        Please ensure you read the information below and that we are not aware that your bin has been missed before completing the online form.

        Please be advised that in order to meet Government guidelines for social distancing it has been necessary to deliver our food waste collection service on stand-alone vehicles with different crews. We are aware that this has caused some disruption to our usual services.

        This service change means that your food waste caddy should still be set out for collection by 6am on your allocated collection day but may now be collected much later in the day than normal.

        Please do not report your food waste collection as ‘missed’ until after 4pm on your usual collection day.

        We are aware that the following roads have not had collections:

        During week beginning Monday 11th January 2021 we were unable to complete :-

        Tuesday 26th January

        • St Augustines Avenue, Margate – Black & Food – Access Issues
        • St Anne’s Gardens, Margate – Black & Food – Access Issues
        • Laureate Close, Margate – Blue & Red – Operational Issues
        • Cedar Close, Margate – Blue & Red – Operational Issues
        • Lonsdale Avenue, Margate – Blue & Red – Operational Issues

        Monday 25th January

        • Mount Pleasant, Minster – Black – Access Issues

        Friday 22nd January

        • St Lawrence Chase, Ramsgate – Blue & Red – Access Issues
        • Napleton Road, Ramsgate – Blue & Red – Access Issues

        Thursday 21st January

        • Marlborough Close, Broadstairs – Blue & Red – Access Issues

        Friday 15th January

        • Prices Avenue, Ramsgate – Black & Food – Access Issues

        *Please note: our recollections are picked up by one vehicle and all waste is mixed together. If you have recycling and would prefer it to be recycled please take your bin in and keep it until your next scheduled recycling collection.

        If your road is not listed above, please click on the link to report your missed bin.

        We will only collect your missed bin if it is reported before the end of the next working day after your collection was due.  If it is reported after this day we will not be back to collect it until the next scheduled collection.

        Missed garden waste recollections

        If your road is listed above, we are aware your collection has been missed and will collect the following day. If your road isn’t listed, please use the link above to report your missed collection.

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