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        Landlord Event

        Landlord Event Each year the Council organises a Landlord Event in conjunction with the Thanet Landlords’ Focus Group for landlords and managing agents with an interest in Thanet. The event includes presentations on subjects of interest to landlords, such as housing benefit/welfare reform, landlord accreditation and property licensing. The National Landlords Association, Residential Landlords Association […]

        Landlord associations

        Thanet District Council strongly supports membership of a recognised landlord association. Being a member of a landlord association can help landlords improve their management skills, avoid difficulties relating to criminal and civil law, and run more successful businesses. From the council’s viewpoint, good landlords make an invaluable contribution to the area’s housing needs, and membership […]

        Tenant referencing scheme

        What is tenant referencing? The tenant referencing scheme aims to help landlords find suitable tenants. This free scheme allows the council to check basic information about tenants and highlight any issues landlords should be aware of before taking on a new tenant. This includes checking on credit and debt history, criminal activity, anti-social behaviour or […]

        Thanet Landlords’ Focus Group

        The Focus Group The Focus Group has been running since 2008 and works with the council to provide the landlord’s perspective. The group meets twice a year and is made up of landlords and managing agents who own or manage residential properties in Thanet. The Focus Group provides a forum for consultation and offers landlords the […]

        Selective licensing scheme

        Further information about the scheme can be found below. IMPORTANT: If your property is subject to the mandatory HMO licensing scheme, then you must make an application under that scheme. In such circumstances, your property will be excluded from selective licensing.

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