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        Casual Vacancies

        If a councillor leaves their seat during the course of their term, a casual vacancy occurs. This could be due to: the resignation of a councillor; the passing away of a councillor; the disqualification (or ceasing to be qualified) of a councillor; a failure to take up office. Current vacancy notices  There are no current […]

        Find my polling station

        Nearest Polling Station Your polling card will give you the name and address of your polling station. You can also look up your address and get directions to your polling station on the following link.

        Upcoming Elections

        Notice of Election Declaration of Results – Cliftonville East Ward Notice of Election Cliftonville East Ward Statement of Persons Nominated – Cliftonville East Ward Notice of Election Agents – Cliftonville East Ward Notice of Poll – Cliftonville East Ward Frequently Asked Questions

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