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Risk of homelessness

We can provide housing advice to help you to avoid losing your home, or help if you are homeless. You may have difficulties paying your rent or mortgage. You may have family disputes. You may be suffering harassment or abuse, from your partner or neighbours. Your first step – contact us Email housing@thanet.gov.uk, and we […]

Housing advice for young people

If you are thinking of leaving home, its better if you plan your move first.  Whatever your reason for leaving, the council can advise you. Contact the council’s Housing Options Team on 01843 577277 during office hours.  Or, you can contact us using our Housing Advice Form online. Other useful links: Housing Charity, Shelter Citizens […]

Temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation is housing such as Bed and Breakfast (B&B) or hostel accommodation that may be used in an emergency to accommodate households who are homeless. Who pays for temporary accommodation? Temporary accommodation is not free.  You will be expected to pay for whatever type of temporary accommodation we provide for you.  If you fail […]

Find a place to buy or rent

Buying a home You may have the option to buy your own home.  There are plenty of estate agents and websites that can help you find a property in Thanet or nearby. If you need a property that is adapted for disabled person use, local estate agents can help you or you could try the […]

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