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Responsibility for trees

Trees are the responsibility of the owner of the land on which they grow. We do not have the powers to ensure that people carry out regular tree maintenance.We advise tree owners to have trees inspected at regular intervals by a competent person, and also after major storms if you have any concerns.The Council does […]

Requesting a TPO to be served

Any species of tree may be protected, either as an individual, part of a group or area of trees, or as a woodland. General information about TPOs and trees in conservation areas We have a legal duty to protect trees and may choose to make a TPO to: strengthen a condition imposed on a planning […]

Tree Protection

What is a Tree Preservation Order? Thanet District Council is responsible for the administration and management of trees in Conservation Areas and Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). This involves the survey and inspection of trees for inclusion in new TPOs and the consideration of proposals by owners to fell or prune protected trees. There are two […]

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