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Housing in rural areas

The Council recognises that access to good quality housing which people can afford is key to achieving sustainable communities and making somewhere a good place to live.   Kent Housing Group (KHG) The KHG has developed a Guide to Developing Affordable Homes in Rural Communities.  The Guide is a series of factsheets setting out how rural […]

Strategic housing new developments phase 3

Phase 3, Ramsgate Thanet District Council’s Affordable Homes Programme Phase 3 is the redevelopment of two brownfield sites within the established residential areas of King Street and Sussex Street in Ramsgate.  The scheme has been funded in partnership with Homes England’s Affordable Homes Programme.  The redevelopment provides 26 new build units: a mixture of houses […]

Strategic housing new developments phase 2

Covid-19 The health pandemic has affected progress on our building sites.  We expect an approximate delay of up to 12 weeks to our programmed finishing dates.  This is due to work stopping altogether for a time, then reduced working to comply with social distancing requirements.   The council is also experiencing delays in obtaining materials to […]

Strategic housing new developments phase 1

Phase 1 Margate, St Peters Broadstairs Phase 1 was a £2.5million redevelopment of five sites within the established residential area of Margate and St. Peters, Broadstairs. The redevelopment has been completed, providing 11 homes on parcels of land currently or historically providing blocks of garages. These are a mixture of flats, houses and bungalows.  The […]

Read about our strategic housing developments

The Council’s New Build Programme The council successfully bid for funding from the government body Homes England (HE), and is now developing brownfield sites with new social housing. The council’s Housing Services Department is committed to the delivery of 51 new residential units in Thanet, within the Homes England Affordable Homes Programme 2015-18. These are […]

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