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Conservation Areas

Conservation Area Appraisals Montefiore Ramsgate – January 2007 Royal Esplanade Ramsgate – April 2006 Westgate on Sea South – December 2006 Westgate on Sea East – December 2006 Westgate on Sea Extension – December 2006 Clifton Place/Grotto Gardens – October 2016 Cliftonville Clifftop – October 2016 Dalby Square Cliftonville Edgar Road and Sweyn Road – […]

Protected trees

What is a Tree Preservation Order? Thanet District Council is responsible for the administration and management of trees in Conservation Areas and Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). This involves the survey and inspection of trees for inclusion in new TPOs and the consideration of proposals by owners to fell or prune protected trees. Tree Preservation Orders are used to […]

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