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Minimum energy efficiency standards in the private rented sector (MEES)

Thanet District Council has a duty to ensure that private landlords fulfil their obligations under the Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 (“the regulations”). Since 01 April 2020, it has been unlawful for a private landlord to rent out a domestic property if it has an EPC rating of F or […]

Housing Register FAQs

Can I apply for a Council or Housing Association property? You will need to be live on the Council’s Housing Register to be considered for accommodation with the Council or a Housing Association. To apply for the Housing Register you will need to complete an online application form by visiting www.kenthomechoice.org.uk . Once your online application has […]

Housing statistics and information

Social Housing Asset Values View the Social Housing Asset Value Data for a list of council housing property and values. 1 The need for social housing in Thanet Number of households applying for social housing on the Housing Register Date No. households April 2022 1551 April 2021 1607 April 2020 2032 April 2019 2593 April 2018 2433 April […]

Housing in rural areas

The Council recognises that access to good quality housing which people can afford is key to achieving sustainable communities and making somewhere a good place to live.   Kent Housing Group (KHG) The KHG has developed a Guide to Developing Affordable Homes in Rural Communities.  The Guide is a series of factsheets setting out how rural […]

Read about our strategic housing developments

The Council’s New Build Programme The council successfully bid for funding from the government body Homes England (HE), and has been developing brownfield sites with new social housing. The council’s Housing Services Department has delivered 51 new residential units in Thanet, within the Homes England Affordable Homes Programme. These are a mixture of flats, houses […]

Find a place to buy or rent

Buying a home You may have the option to buy your own home.  There are plenty of estate agents and websites that can help you find a property in Thanet or nearby. If you need a property that is adapted for disabled person use, local estate agents can help you or you could try the […]

Get housing advice

Do you need help and advice about a housing problem, or are you in debt?? If you have any of these problems, we can help. Struggling to pay your rent Struggling to pay your mortgage Your main earner has lost their job, or had their hours reduced You are in debt You are struggling after […]

Kent Home Choice

If you have been accepted onto the Housing Register, you will be eligible to see and bid for available social housing properties using Kent Homechoice. Kent Homechoice gives you more choice about where you want to live. You have the chance to express an interest in vacant homes that are suitable for you. It also gives […]

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