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Apply for a transfer to a new home

Thanet District Council maintains the Housing Needs Register, which is the ‘waiting list’ for people who apply for council housing in the district. Council homes are advertised via Kent Home Choice  and to use this service you need to have filled in an application form and have been accepted on to the Housing Needs Register. Visit the housing […]

What if I can’t pay my rent?

What to do if you fall behind with rent If you fall behind with paying your rent we will try to contact you to find out if you are having money troubles. If we can’t get in touch by text, phone or post we may arrange a visit to your property. How YOU can contact […]

Get involved

Have your say and join our team of involved residents

Pay your rent or apply for a refund

  Pay your rent online Make a payment Have your 10-digit rent account number or your 13-digit tenancy number ready. Your tenancy number can be found on the bottom right of your payment card. If you lose or damage your payment card, please request a replacement by email to myhome@thanet.gov.uk. Pay by Direct Debit  – […]

End your council tenancy

Ending a council tenancy  This information is for TDC tenants only. To end your council tenancy you must give Thanet District Council at least four weeks notice in writing. The notice period always starts from a Monday. This applies if you are moving from a Thanet District Council property. Moving to private accommodation. Moving in […]

Request a repair

If you have any concerns about our contractors or the work they will carry out, then please contact us. Call us on 01843 577262, or email myhome@thanet.gov.uk .  We are aware of scam callers, claiming that they need to arrange a property inspection. If in doubt please check with us that the call is genuine. […]

Your tenancy agreement

As a tenant, we will expect you to do a number of things, including: pay your rent on time not owe us any rent (called ‘rent arrears’) tell the council’s benefit section if your entitlement to housing or council tax benefit has ended respect your neighbours and allow them to enjoy their homes in peace […]

Taking over a council tenancy after a death

Succession explained When a council tenant dies, the tenancy can be passed on to a husband, wife or civil partner through a process called succession. In some cases, this can be another family member such as a son or daughter. There can only ever be one succession to a council tenancy. In situations where the […]

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