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Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Since 1st October 2015, private sector landlords have been required to ensure that at least one smoke alarm is installed on every storey of each of their rented properties, and that a carbon monoxide alarm is installed in any room which contains a solid fuel burning appliance. They are also required to ensure that such […]

Making a complaint about your rented home?

Making a complaint about your rented home Your landlord should provide you with a safe place to live. No home can be completely hazard free, but you should not be expected to live in an environment that puts your health and safety at unnecessary risk. We can help, but first you should contact your landlord […]

How do we assess the safety of rented homes?

How do we assess the safety of rented homes? The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (“HHSRS”) is the Government’s prescribed means of assessing housing conditions. It allows an inspector to evaluate the potential risks to health and safety from any deficiency found within a dwelling. The HHSRS is not a standard; it is a […]

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