Active Thanet Strategic Framework 2018 – 2022

Framework Priorities

By 2022 we want to see more residents across Thanet enjoying the benefits associated with a more active and healthier lifestyle.  We are committed to work with our local, regional and national partners to achieve these goals. Over the next 4 year ‘cycle of change’ we will work towards the following 5 priorities:

Increased diversionary opportunities 

  • for young people and hard to reach groups through ‘Active participation, training and education.

Increase opportunities to develop Public Health initiatives

  • for all ages and target audiences to empower and support communities and reduce health inequalities.

Enhance & implement the ‘Active Communities scheme’

  • to provide support to local community clubs, groups, employers and voluntary sector.

Increased fundraising & commissioning opportunities

  • working alongside partners to bring grants to tackle inactivity and wider health inequalities through a collaborative approach.

Increasing workforce development & volunteering opportunities

  • to support frontline services become more effective.


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