Grass cutting and grounds maintenance

Grass cutting and maintenance information

We arrange grounds maintenance and grass cutting across the district.

Our parks and open spaces team carry out the grass cutting and the maintenance of shrub beds, rose beds, flower beds and hedges on land owned by the council such as:

  • parks and public open spaces
  • housing areas, such as those around flats and communal gardens and warden assisted schemes
  • cemeteries and closed churchyards

Thanet District Council is not a Highway Authority and is not responsible for the grass cutting on highway verges.

This service is provided by Kent County Council who can be contacted on: Tel: 03000 41 41 41 or visit the Kent County Council website.

Maintenance of grass spaces in rural areas is generally the responsibility of the local Town or Parish Councils, details of which can be found on the Parish Councils page.

Grass cutting

Grass cutting is carried out between March and October, with the majority of areas cut every three to four weeks.

Grass is cut but not collected because of the high cost of removal and disposal.

Grass cutting is carried out on a rolling programme that takes at least three weeks to complete. This generally works well but when we have wet or inclement weather, it can result in problems and cause delays. When this occurs we ask that residents bear with us.  We try to carry on cutting and only miss or delay a cut if our machines are actually causing damage to the grass.

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