Terms and conditions – Garden waste scheme

The green lidded wheeled bin remains the property of Thanet District Council and will be reclaimed if you no longer pay for the green garden waste collection service.

Not all properties are suitable for this service, either due to access restrictions for our collection freighters or lack of space to store the bin or to put them out in front of property for collection, etc.

We reserve the right to assess the application and to determine whether or not your property is suitable for the wheeled bin green waste collection scheme.

You are responsible for the security of the wheeled bin as we will not replace lost, stolen or damaged bins.

Should the refuse crew be responsible for damaging your bin or if it falls into the rear of the refuse vehicle we will repair it or replace it free of charge.

We will not empty the bin if it is moved to another property (unless you advise us that you have moved to a different address within the District).

We will not provide a refund if a collection does not happen.  However, we will try to arrange a recall as soon as resources allow.

 Only put the following into the green lidded bins:

  • Garden weeds
  • Hedge trimmings
  • Small twigs and branches less than 7.5cm (3”) diameter
  • Grass cuttings
  • Flowers and plants
  • Leaves

Your green garden waste bin will be collected every two weeks throughout the year, except for four weeks from mid-December to mid-January.


  • Any bin contaminated with material other than green garden waste will not be emptied
  • Any bins which are too heavy for safe handling will also not be emptied.

Please note:

The information provided in ‘Garden Waste Service FAQs‘ forms part of the terms and conditions for the garden waste collections service.


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