Housing transfer information

If you are a current tenant of Thanet District Council or one of our partner housing associations, you can apply for a transfer if you wish to move.

It may be that your home is too big or too small for your family, or you wish to move to another town.

You can also apply if you have serious medical problems made worse by your current housing situation.

Transfer applications can be made if:

  • You are a secure or assured tenant.
  • Have a clear rent account and no breach of tenancy.

If the accommodation that you live in is too big for you, for example you live in a 3 bedroom property but your children have left home and you now only require a 1 bedroom property, you may be entitled to apply for a financial incentive from our Disturbance Allowance Scheme. For more information on this please call 01843 577277.


Yes. In the following circumstances you will not be able to transfer from your home:

  • If you are on an introductory tenancy or ‘starter’ tenancy
  • If you are currently subject to legal action to evict you as a result of rent arrears or anti-social behaviour

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