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Thanet First Homes Study

The Government has introduced an initiative to bring forward “first homes”, a discounted housing product for first-time buyers. To inform the Council’s approach to First Homes, a report was commissioned from GL Hearn to advise on the implementation of the First Homes initiative through local planning policy.

Economic and demographic forecasts for Thanet District Council 2013

This forecasts of the population and dwelling requirements for Thanet District between 2011 and 2031, looking at demographic population led-scenarios based upon future population trends, and economic job-led scenarios based on future levels of job growth.

Economic and demographic forecasts for Thanet District Council – February 2013 (PDF, 1.16mb)

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

This is the updated version of the Assessement of Objectively Assessed Housing Need, following the previous SHMA report.

Updated Assessment of Objectively Assessed Housing Need 2017

This is an assessment of the housing needs of Thanet and of neighbouring districts. It identifies key housing challenges and makes recommendations regarding the mix of housing types, sizes and range of tenures the local population and particular groups within it is likely to need.

Thanet Strategic Housing Market Assessment (January 2016) (PDF, 2mb)

Thanet Strategic Housing Market Assessment Appendices (January 2016)(PDF)

Previous reports:

Strategic Housing Market Assessment for the East Kent Sub Region Final Report (June 2009) (PDF, 2.69mb)

Strategic Housing Market Assessment for the East Kent Sub Region Annexes (June 2009) (PDF)

A review of the robustness of the 2009 SHMA has been prepared.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

This assesses the potential of various sites across the district as possible land for future housing development. This report draws together the different stages of the SHLAA process and updates the assessment information.

 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment July 2018

Economic Viability Assessment of development in Thanet District June 2012

This assesses the economic viability of potential future development in Thanet. It provides recommendations for negotiating affordable housing in residential schemes and an illustration of potential charges for the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Economic Viability Assessment of Development in Thanet District (PDF)

East Kent Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment Report (up to 2027)

This is an assessment of accommodation requirements of gypsies and travellers in East Kent Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment Final Report April 2014 (PDF, 1.4mb).

Topic Papers

We have prepared a number of Topic Papers to support the Consultation. These draw together the various evidence sources and identify and consider specific issues and options.

Housing (PDF)

Settlement pattern and hierarchy (PDF)

HMOs and Student Accommodation (PDF)

Housing Levels for Rural Settlements (PDF)

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