Local development scheme

What is the Local Development Scheme?

As part of the Planning and Compulsory Act 2004 (as amended) each Local Planning Authority must prepare a Local Development Scheme (LDS).

The LDS is a project management document for the production of the Local Plan. This LDS for Thanet identifies and describes the “Development Plan Documents (DPDs)” which the District Council intends to produce to make up the Local Plan. It provides an overview of the process of drafting them and identifies key milestones and timescales for their preparation. This LDS covers a three year time period.

Additional information is included in the LDS about Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) the Council also anticipates will be prepared to supplement the Local Plan.  This includes indicative timescales for preparing them. Collectively the DPDs and SPDs are known as Local Development Documents (LDDs).

The LDS serves two purposes:

  1. it provides the starting point for the local community to find out what the Council’s, as the Local Planning Authority, planning policies are for the area, by setting out all the LDDs that already form and supplement the Local Plan; and
  2. it sets out the programme for the preparation of DPDs over a three-year period including timetables indicating when the various stages in the preparation of any particular DPD will be carried out.
  • View the Local Development Scheme as agreed by Cabinet on June 2022, and replaces the LDS published in December 2021.

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