Read our Thanet Housing, Homelessness & Rough Sleeper Strategy

Addressing the housing needs of our community

Thanet’s Housing Strategy and East Kent Homelessness Prevention Strategy have been reviewed and combined in a new Housing & Homelessness Strategy for Thanet.   A period of public consultation was held and it has been adopted by the Council.

The new Strategy has been developed to consider housing issues in Thanet bringing together all housing related activity into a single document to provide strategic direction for our residents, partners and stakeholders. The Strategy contains a series of key messages that set out our priorities and approaches to addressing housing issues, and is supported by a strategic action plan.

Read the Housing, Homelessness & Rough Sleeper Strategy here.

Housing Factsheets

Find information about housing in the district in regular publications here.

The Rental Market

The Sales Market

Health of the district

Home Energy Advice

New Housing Projects

Housing Rents

Housing Stock

Kent Social Care Accommodation Strategy

A detailed study has been made of existing housing and care home provision in Kent for Kent County Council (KCC) Adult Social Care client groups.  These groups are:

  • Older people (over 65 years of age)
  • People with a physical disability
  • People with a sensory disability
  • Please with mental health needs
  • People with Learning disabilities
  • People with autism

The study has looked at the needs now and in the future of such people and sets out a plan to provide future housing and care homes in Kent to meet those needs. Read the Strategy on the Kent County Council web site.

Housing in rural areas

The Council recognises that access to good quality housing which people can afford is key to achieving sustainable communities and making somewhere a good place to live.

Kent Housing Group (KHG)

The KHG has developed a Guide to Developing Affordable Homes in Rural Communities.  The Guide is a series of factsheets setting out how rural housing development can be achieved, and who can benefit.  The KHG recognises the need for the sustainable development of affordable housing in rural areas to support local communities and businesses.

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