New bins, replacements or repairs

New Bins, Replacements or Repairs

Replacement bins for waste that does not get recycled, ie your black lidded bin or seagull proof bag, must be paid for by the owner of the property.  Recycling containers are free of charge to domestic householders.

Please consider if your container could be repaired by us instead of being replaced.  Please note we can only repair lids and wheels on wheeled bins.

Only one black lidded bin for refuse is permitted per property and we will only collect one.  180 litre bins are the only size issued for general waste for standard domestic properties.

Payments for refuse bins or seagull proof bags may be made over the phone by card, or in person by card or cash payment in The Gateway, Cecil Street, Margate.

If you require bins for a new development please find the information here.


Prices are as follows and are reviewed annually:

Black 180 Litre Refuse Container                            £37.35
Black Seagull Proof Bag                            £10.00


For communal properties, prices are as follows:

Black 180 Litre Refuse Container                        £37.35 
Black Seagull Proof Bag                        £10.00
940 Litre Chamberlain Metal Bin                        £300.00
1280 Litre Metal Wheeled Bin                        £400.00







For more information please call 01843 577115 or see our Frequently Asked Questions