21 October, 2019

Annual residents’ survey launched

Thanet District Council is asking 6,000 local people to tell them what they think about the services they provide and to find out what matters most to residents as part of their annual residents’ survey.

Residents, whose addresses have been selected at random, are being asked for their views on their local area and key council services. The survey asks how they would like the council to keep them informed and how satisfied they are living in their local neighbourhood. It also asks residents if a service they use were to be reduced or cut, which of the range of options available to the council they would be most willing to support.

Feedback gathered from the survey will be used to monitor residents’ satisfaction with key council services and to help to make improvements.

The council has seen significant funding cuts (£5 million) from Central Government over the past five years, so crucially these views will be used to understand local priorities as part of the council’s budget process and to target resources to the things that matter most.

In addition, of the total Council Tax paid by Thanet residents, the district council receives just 13p in every £1. That money is used to help fund more than 30 different services and that includes everything from the crematorium and harbour, to bin collections, cleansing of beaches, streets and parks, environmental health, planning, housing, tourism and much more!

Thanet District Council’s Cabinet Member for Financial Services and Estates, Cllr Rob Yates, said:

“Once again we are seeking residents’ views at a critical time when funding cuts are still having a significant impact on the council’s budget. By completing the survey, residents can help the council when making decisions on future budgets, and ensure these decisions are taken with your views in mind.

“Your assistance is greatly appreciated, we need just 15 minutes of your valuable time to tell us what you think. Getting involved and sharing your thoughts means that as we make some of these tougher decisions, we do so with your views at the forefront of our minds.”

The random sample of residents will receive a postcard providing them with a unique reference number which they will need to complete the survey online. All responses to the survey will remain anonymous. The survey can be completed by any resident (aged 18+) living at that address, but only one survey can be completed per household.

Hard copy surveys can be made available for those selected upon request – details are provided on the postcard.

All surveys should be completed by midnight on Monday 4 November. The results will be published by the council and will be used to help inform its budget and service priorities.

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