6 March, 2023

Council proposes to revise boundaries of Air Quality Management Area in Ramsgate

Thanet District Council is planning to reduce the boundaries of the current Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) to a smaller, more defined area in Ramsgate.

The area in question, stretching along the A255 between St Lawrence High Street and Shah Place, is one of 45 locations in Thanet where air pollution is monitored.

We have been carrying out regular reviews and assessments of air quality in the district since 1997, to ensure air quality in Thanet meets national objectives. We have seen a reduction in air pollution levels across Thanet over the last four years, but results from the latest annual review show that this area of Ramsgate is at risk of exceeding the limit for nitrogen dioxide due to high volumes of traffic. 

Our next step is to redefine the boundary of the AQMA to include only the area that is at risk of exceeding nitrogen dioxide limits. This way, the updated Action Plan can focus specifically on improving air quality at this location.

We are now asking local residents and stakeholders for their views via an online survey. Letters have been sent to around 600 residential and business properties and schools in the affected area, explaining this and asking for feedback.

We will compile a revised action plan to cover the new AQMA area, which will be a detailed, technical document. This process is likely to take around 18 months to complete and will help to inform planning policy in the future.

Cllr Jill Bayford, Cabinet Member for Environmental Service and Special Projects, said: “It is good news that our ongoing monitoring of air quality has shown a reduction in air pollution across the district over recent years. If the proposal to redefine the AQMA area is accepted, we will be able to direct efforts to the specific area in Ramsgate where there is a risk of higher levels of pollution, and concentrate on keeping air pollution within acceptable limits.”

The survey will be open from Monday 6 March to Friday 14 April 2023. The proposal for the reduced AQMA will be presented to Cabinet for consideration in June 2023. If you live or work in the affected area, you can review the supporting documents and give your views on the proposal on our website

Up to date information on air quality in Thanet is available on www.kentair.org.uk 

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