24 April, 2024

Thanet District Council marks 50 years since formation in 1974

Like many local councils, 2024 marks a significant milestone for Thanet District Council as it is 50 years since it was inaugurated.

The creation of a district council followed changes in legislation when the Local Government Act 1972 was passed. It resulted in 45 county councils and 332 district councils being established. Before 1 April 1974, there were 1,211 local authorities in England.

The role of the local authority has changed over time but broadly the core objective of providing services for the local community in an area linked by geography, economy and historical ties, remains the same. The Thanet District Council area encompasses seaside towns, 19 miles of stunning coastline and a number of villages that have made an important contribution to local history, from the arrival of Christianity to hosting air defences in wartime. Today, tourism plays a big part in raising the profile of the peninsula.

Over the course of 2024/25 the council intends to share stories and photographs that capture some of the milestones for the district. A 50th anniversary badge has been developed which will sit alongside the council’s current logo. A virtual 50th anniversary exhibition will be uploaded on thanet.gov.uk with images, a timeline and key information. There will also be an opportunity for Councillors to share reflections on their roles, and the impact of local democracy and decision making.

Thanet District Council Chief Executive, Colin Carmichael commented: “In the midst of an ongoing cost of living crisis, there will not be huge celebrations but nonetheless this is an opportunity to look back on the history and achievements of the council as well as the changes that have taken place in the district over the last 50 years. 

“We know from our residents’ survey that many people in the area have been here more than 50 years and will have clear recollections of the council’s earliest days. We’d also like to hear from former councillors and employees who have photos and memories to share.”

Many local people will have worked at Thanet District Council or have participated in council-run events. Anyone who has photographs of years gone by or who wishes to share their memories of special events, in particular from the 1970s or 80s is invited to email: committee@thanet.gov.uk

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