3 July, 2023

Improving waste and recycling facilities for Thanet’s towns and beaches

Thanet District Council works hard all year round to improve waste and recycling facilities across its towns and beaches. This is an important aspect of the council’s commitment to keep the district clean and to work towards its climate change goals. 

High numbers of visitors are expected over the summer season so the council has a range of initiatives in place to improve bin provision and recycling facilities both in town centres and beach locations. 

Providing bins in our town centres

Larger general waste bins have been installed in key locations in Birchington-on-Sea, Westgate-on-Sea, Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate, as well as 20 new street recycling bins in the busiest areas across the district. 

New environmentally-friendly compacting bins have been installed on a trial basis. These bins use solar power to crush rubbish which means that each one can hold up to five times as much waste as a standard bin. It means fewer collections are needed to collect greater volumes of waste. This will reduce the number of trips our collection vehicles make and how much diesel is used.

Compacting bins are now in place in Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate, in town centre and seafront locations. 

Keeping our beaches clean

To help to address the amount of litter that’s often left behind on our beaches during the summer season, 60 purple wheelie bins are now installed at the busiest areas along our coastline. These are in addition to the bins that are already in place around the coast all year round. An additional 50 large waste bins have been installed on our main promenades and beaches. 

During the summer season, dedicated beach crews are on duty every day from 6am to 8pm, picking up litter and emptying bins. Litter pickers are employed on our most popular bathing beaches, and bay inspectors give out litter sacks to encourage beach users to pick up their own waste. 

Flags and banners are in place to alert visitors to the location of waste and recycling bins and Enforcement Officers will be patrolling our main beaches and promenades. Variable message signs are in place on the side of key roads in the district, displaying anti-littering messages. 

Improving coastal recycling facilities

At key locations around our coastline, 30 large mixed recycling bins have been installed. These join the 12 recycling stations that were installed in July 2022 in partnership with Thanet Rotary Clubs and support from Southern Water, on our main bathing beach promenades. 

The council has recently introduced collection points for buckets, spades and beach items on the main bathing beaches. The aim is for beach users to leave unwanted beach toys for others to use once they’ve finished with them. 

Replacing dog waste bins

A project is underway to replace dog waste bins with general waste bins. Dog waste doesn’t need to be treated any differently to general rubbish; it can be put in the general waste bins. Where appropriate, signs will be displayed to direct members of the public to the nearest general waste bin. 

Cllr Steve Albon, Cabinet member for Cleansing and Coastal Services, said: “Our residents regularly tell us that clean streets are a top priority for them, and it is therefore a key priority for the council. As part of our commitment to keeping Thanet clean and to support our ambitions around climate change, we have taken steps to improve bin provision and recycling facilities around the district.

“We want residents and visitors to experience Thanet at its best, and we all have a part to play. By working together, and using the waste and recycling facilities that are in place, we can help to make sure that the district is at its very best, all year round.”

You can find out more about our waste and recycling facilities on our website

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