Equality and Diversity Policy Statement

Everyone is different. We should make sure everyone is treated equally. We should also make sure everyone is listened to.

Thanet District Council (TDC) believes

  • People should be treated well
  • People should be helped to be safe
  • People should be able to have control of their lives

TDC must follow the Equality Act by law. It says people should not be treated differently or unfairly because of:

  • Age;
  • Disability;
  • sex changes;
  • marriage;
  • having a baby;
  • race;
  • religion;
  • being a man or a woman;
  • being lesbian gay or bisexual.

TDC must look at the need to:

  • stop unlawful discrimination;
  • improve equal opportunities;
  • encourage good relationships.

How it will be done?

Everyone who is part of TDC will make sure equality is met:

  • in their day to day work; or
  • when they have to make decisions.

TDC will gather information on equalities when making decisions. These are called equality impact assessments. This will make sure no one is missed out when decisions are made.

TDC will use its equality research when arranging and buying services. We will make sure the organisations that give services on our behalf do this in line with our Equality Policy.

TDC will gather knowledge and information on groups of people we provide services to. This will make sure everyone is treated equally and services are improved.

TDC will continue to be an inclusive employer. TDC employs a large and diverse workforce. We need to make sure all personnel are treated with respect. And our workforce represents the community.

TDC will involve everyone when it plans services. Through asking people about services and changes we will make sure everyone is treated fairly.

TDC will put the people they serve at the heart of their work. This is part of the Public Equality Duty. This aims to build a strong community where people are included and feel safe.

Who is responsible for doing this? Everyone at the Council has responsibility for making equality happen. This includes Council members, managers, staff and contractors.


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