Hackney and Private Hire Drivers Knowledge Test

Knowledge Test for New Applicants for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Drivers Licences

In order to offer a safe and efficient service to members of the public it is important that private hire and hackney carriage drivers have a good working knowledge of the area in which they work and the laws and policies they operate under.

Because of this all new applicants for a private hire (PHV) and hackney carriage (Taxi) driver licence are required to pass a driver knowledge test before their licence can be granted.

The course has been outsourced to Green Penny and is no longer run in house by the Licensing Team.


Please read all the information below

The Knowledge Test now consist of a full one day course, this will include lunch and a resit should you fail the first time.

The course covers both Private Hire and Hackney there is no longer a separate Hackney Driver Course.

Anyone who wishes to move from Private Hire to Hackney or the other way will have to take this new test.

If you pass you will then need to apply for either your Hackney Carriage Badge or your Private Hire Badge.  You can apply for both if required but we do not do a dual licence.  Each licence has a fee that will also need to be paid.

If you pass this is only valid for one year, so you must apply for a badge within 12 months of passing.

You must also pass the Ambassador Course details of which can be found below.

Passing the test does not mean you will be able to have a Hackney Carriage Plate as we do not have any available you would have to rent or buy one from a current owner.


The cost of the course is £130.00

The course will cover:
  • English Language assessment prior to taking the course.
  • Statutory Taxi and Private Hire Standards
  • Council conditions and policy (if applicable)
  • Customer Service
  • Personal Safety
  • Reporting of crimes
  • How to deal with customer complaints
  • Highway code – rules relating to dropping off and picking up passengers/speed awareness
  • Vehicle condition
  • Disability and equality awareness
  • Safeguarding responsibilities
  • Payment & basic arithmetic
  • Local Knowledge

The test will take place at the end of the day and the candidates will be notified of their results within 24 hours and if they have passed will be emailed their certificate.  Once you have passed and have your certificate you can complete the relevant application form.


You will also still need to take the Ambassador Course online details of which can be found at the link below.

Booking  Your Test

Once you have passed the knowledge test you can then apply to be a driver and complete the required forms and pay the application fee.

You can book your test on the Green Penny Knowledge Course website.


You can pick up a DBS form from the Council offices in Margate.  This must be submitted with your completed application.  Once you have completed the forms you will need to email licensing@thanet.gov.uk to ask for an appointment to have your forms checked and sent off.

You MUST sign up for the DBS Update Service as soon you receive your check back as we cannot accept checks that are older than one month.  You will be given information on how to do this at your appointment.


This course is now online and must be completed.

There are two courses and two quizzes to complete

Welcome to the Isle of Thanet – Quiz


Customer Care – Quiz

Once BOTH courses and quizzes are completed and you have reached the pass mark the system will generate a certificate to confirm that you are now a Thanet Visitor Ambassador.

Pass Mark

18 out of 20 for Welcome to the Isle of Thanet

8 out of 10 for Customer Care

You can access the course at thanetvisitorambassador.co.uk


You will need to have a good knowledge of the Driver Conditions for the type of licence you are applying for, before taking the knowledge test. The conditions can be found here:



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