Licences and trading

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Information about private hire and hackney carriage vehicle and driver licences
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Includes animal, tattooists, caravan parks

Information & guidance

Licence applications received

Details of licensing applications made under the Licensing Act 2003.

XL Bullys

Find out more information on XL Bullys

Licensed Scrap Metal Collectors

Details of licenced scrap metal collectors

Street trading and hawking

Thanet District Council does not issue Street Trading Licences.  You may trade on private land if you have the permission of the owner and they have the required planning permission.

Licensed holiday caravan sites

Public Register of Licensed Holiday Caravan Sites in Thanet

Licensing fees and charges

Licensing Fees and Charges can be found on page 26

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Details of operators with wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Licensing Officer's Enforcement Policy

More information about our Licensing Officer's Enforcement Policy

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