Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence – Renewal Applications

Hackney Carriage Vehicle Visuals for Renewal – 2024

The visuals will be carried out on Wednesday 28th February at Vere Road Car Park Broadstairs between the hours of 9:00am – 16:00pm.  If you cannot make this day you must email us.

Change of vehicle

If you wish to transfer your plate to a different vehicle during renewal you can but the plate for the new vehicle will not be valid until 1st April.


This form is for Renewal Only

Application to renew your existing vehicle licence online

To complete this form you will need to upload copies of

  • certificate of compliance/checklist
  • provision of suitable vehicle insurance



From 1st April 2024

Renewal – £307.80

Renewal for Wheelchair accessible/hybrid/electric – £277.02

Vehicle Transfer  – £129.00


If a vehicle is not renewed by 31st March 2024 the following fee will apply

New Application fee £378.00 or £340.20 if an electric/hybrid or wheelchair accessible vehicle



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