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        Local Plan Examination Latest news

        Local Plan to 2031  – Latest News (updated 22 March 2019)

        22 March 2019 update

        Matters statements for matters 1- 10 (in the hearings programme) have now been published

        12 March 2019 update

        Following the deadline for confirming attendance of 5th March, the Examination Hearing Programme has been updated.

        CD8.5 Examination Hearing Programme    Updated 12 March 2019

        11 March 2019 update

        The Inspector (Ref L-002 ) has responded to a letter from RPS (Ref 25.2.2019), after seeking the Council’s view (TDC- 002 ),
        4 March 2019. They have been published for information purposes only.

        4 March 2019 update

        Following the deadline of February 26th asking for comments on the Inspectors Matters, Issues and Questions, please find attached the amended MIQ. CD8.4 Matters, Issues and Questions  – 4 March 2019.

        The Inspectors thank all of those who sent suggested amendments and after consideration has updated the MIQ with six additional questions which are shown in bold italics in the attached document, as follows:

        • Matter 10, Issue 1, Question 8
        • Matter 12, Issue 3, Question 4;
        • Matter 13, Issue 3, Question 6;
        • Matter 13. Issue, 6, Question 7;
        • Matter 14, Issue 2, Question 3; and
        • Matter 18, Issue 2, Question 5.
        Responses to these additional questions should be part of your statements submitted for Matters 1-10 by the 19th March and for Matters 11-18 by the 7th May.

        Please find attached information from the Inspectors on the Thanet Local Plan Examination. They include their;

        Key Dates:

        • 26 February 2019 – deadline for any comments on the Inspectors’ Matters, Issues and Questions for Examination
        • 5 March 2019 – deadline if you are not currently listed to appear, or no longer wish to be appear or wish to attend an alternative session
        • 19 March 2019 – deadline for submission of Hearing Statements and Statements of Common Ground for Weeks 1-3 (Matters 1-10)
        • 2-4 April 2019 – Hearings Week 1 – Ruby Room, St. Augustine’s
        • 9-12 April 2019 – Hearings Week 2 – Ruby Room, St. Augustine’s
        • 16-18 April 2019 – Hearings Week 3 – Ruby Room, St. Augustine’s
        • 7 May 2019 – deadline for submission of Hearing Statements and Statements of Common Ground for weeks 4-5 (Matters 11-18)
        • 21-23 May 2019 – Hearings Week 4 – Austen Room, Thanet DC
        • 29-31 May 2019 – Hearings Week 5 – Austen Room, Thanet DC

        Please click here to view the core documents for the Local Plan Examination

        Click here for information and details of the Inspectors and the Programme Officer

        Inspectors’ Correspondence

        The table below sets out correspondence between the Inspectors and the Council.  Please check this page regularly for updates.

        L-001 A letter from the Inspector, dated 17.12.2018, providing initial questions to the Council
        TDC-001Thanet District Council response, dated 11.01.19, to the Inspector’s letter

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