Public Register of Licensed Scrap Metal Collectors

We have a licensing scheme for scrap metal collectors. Businesses that offer to collect scrap metal can apply for special licence plates to display on the rear of their vehicles.

The plates confirm that the collector has gone through the process of obtaining a lawful scrap metal collector’s licence. To secure the licence, operators must pay a fee, undergo a DBS check and provide evidence that they have an Environment Agency permit to carry waste.

The new scrap metal licence plates are orange, and feature a Thanet District Council logo and hologram to the left. The scrap metal collector’s information is featured, including the plate number, to the right.

Residents should check that the vehicle registration details on the licence plate match those of the vehicle, and that the expiry date has not been passed. By choosing to book an authorised collector to collect and dispose of their waste metals, you can be confident that the collector will dispose of it lawfully.

Collectors who do not display an official licence plate are collecting scrap unlawfully. Disposing of waste through unauthorised scrap metal collectors could result in a fine.

Thanet-based scrap metal collectors can apply for a licence on our website.

The table below shows details of all licensed scrap metal collectors.

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