Licensing Act 2003

From 7 February 2005, the Licensing Act 2003 transferred responsibility for licensing from the Magistrates Courts to Thanet District Council.

The Act provides a more flexible system of licensing entertainment in public places and the sale of hot food at takeaways.

The Licensing Act means that:

  1. fixed licensing hours will effectively be removed
  2. children will be allowed into licensed premises, if accompanied by an adult.
  3. licences will be simplified and children will be allowed into licensed premises if accompanied by an adult
  4. the leisure industry in the area could be affected, a late night or 24 hour economy may develop
  5. questions may be raised over the need for late night public transport
  6. for the first time you will be able to ask the council to review a licensed premises if you are disturbed by their activities

After consultation, the Council published a licensing policy statement on the 7th January 2008, It set out how the Council intends to make decisions under the new Act.

The policy aims to:

  • Prevent crime and disorder
  • Prevent public nuisance
  • Protect public safety
  • Protect children from harm

The policy takes into account the views of local people, businesses and licensed traders.

The new Licensing Policy has been agreed by Full Council and came into force on the 7th January 2016.

Licensing Policy Statement 2016

Licensing Policy Consultation

The Licensing Authority is required to review its policy every 5 years and make such revisions to it as are considered appropriate.

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