Litter and street cleansing

Tackling litter to make Thanet a cleaner place for everyone

Litter can blight an area and needs to be dealt with in a number of ways, which means the council and local communities working together to tackle it.  The dropping of litter of any kind is an offence and could result in an on the spot £100 fine, this includes dropping cigarette butts or leaving litter next to bins that are already full.

Although the vast majority or people don’t drop litter, unfortunately many people still leave behind items of litter on our streets and beaches which can quickly build up.  Last year we collected over 5 tonnes of litter from our parks, streets and beaches.

It is important to Thanet District Council that we work with our residents to ensure that our coastal towns are kept clean and welcoming for everyone.

How Thanet District Council tackles litter

  • We provide and empty over 400 litter bins across the district. In the summer months we have an additional 180 bins in busy locations.
  • We have a dedicated team of street cleansing staff who work 7 days a week from 6.00am to 8.00pm (6.00pm in the winter) Monday to Friday and 6.00am to 2.30pm Saturday and Sunday
  • Additional street cleansing staff are taken on over the summer months.
  • Monthly inspections are carried out to monitor standards.
  • High footfall areas such as town centres are swept daily and our mechanical sweepers are out frequently in all other areas.
  • We prioritise reports of increased litter in public areas and aim to deal with these as quickly as possible.
  • We are constantly reviewing and looking at ways to improve the level of service that we provide.

How you can help

  1. Ensure that your waste and recycling is securely contained when putting it out for collection.  No bags should be left at the side of your bin.
  2. If you smoke ensure you dispose of the ends in a bin.
  3. When out and about put your rubbish in the litter bins provided, if the bins is full take your rubbish home.
  4. Take part in a litter pick – find out more here.
  5. Do a 2 minute beach clean whenever you visit on of our beaches or bays.  Equipment is provided at 15 beaches across Thanet from Minnis Bay to Ramsgate Main Sands – they are all mapped on the 2 minute beach clean website or you can join an organised beach litter pick – find out more here.

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