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Important Information – Avian Influenza Advice

Avian influenza (bird flu) circulates naturally in wild birds. Both sick and dead birds can be infected. It is important that you and your dog stay away from sick and dead birds.

  • Please keep to footpaths and keep your dog on a lead.
  • Please do not hand feed birds.

If you find a dead bird on public land, please do not touch or move it. For safe disposal, contact: 01843 577000.

Information on how to join a litter pick

If you want to help clean up litter in the area the best way is to join one of the many local voluntary groups running organised litter picks throughout Thanet.

Local voluntary groups:

Nationally organised campaigns:

Beach Cleans

If you are interested in running your own beach clean, or taking part in a one, then please visit thanetcoast.org.uk for how to help and advice for beach cleans, and for the Thanet’s online beach clean notification.

Organised litter picks

If you want to arrange your own litter pick please complete our online form and complete your litter pick Risk Assessment (which can be downloaded below) for the work you intend to carry out,  along with suggested dates and times. We will be able to offer support and advice, as well as supplying bags and arranging to collect the full bags

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