Outreach Programme

To make sure that the positive benefits of the proposed capital investments are felt by Margate’s creative industries as a whole, as well as the wider community, this project will take a collaborative approach. The programme of activities will include a focus on connecting people from the community with the creative industries. These opportunities will mean that as the sector grows there will be more people in the area who have the required level of creative and production skills. It will support both the Creative Land Trust and Theatre Royal projects, helping to ensure that members of the local community are included.

This project aims to help the broader community to engage with the arts and creative sector. There will be opportunities available for all so that people feel, and are, connected to the creative part of Margate’s identity.

Project Outcomes:

This project aims to:

  • Engage the broader community in the arts and creative sector.
  • Ensure that opportunities are available for all so people feel, and are, connected to the creative part of Margate’s identity.

Next Steps:

The specifics of this project are being defined using stakeholder and community feedback, statistics and other evidence to help inform what this programme of activity will look like.

The programme will need to deliver against the outcomes set out in the Town Investment Plan and will be intrinsically linked with the wider Scaling Margate’s Creative Production and Skills projects.

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