Petition the council

        How to petition the council

        Signing a petition is one way for residents to express their concerns and priorities to their local authority.  The council has recently redesigned its petition scheme to make it easier for people to submit petitions

        Submitting a Petition

        Guidance on how to submit a petition or an e-petition and how the Council will deal with it is contained in the petition scheme in the Council’s constitution. Before entering your petition you may want to check that the issue that you want to create a petition on is not the subject of a Council consultation

        You can submit a paper petition to:

        Committee Services Manager

        Thanet District Council
        PO Box 9
        Cecil Street
        CT9 1XZ

        Epetitions an be created using either: 38Degrees or change.org

        These can then be sent to the Council, either using the address above or by emailing it to committee@thanet.gov.uk

        Previous Petitions to the Council


        If you would like to talk to someone about submitting a petition, please call the Democratic Services team on 01843 577500


        The Council accepts no liability for the contents on these webpages. The views expressed in the petitions do not necessarily reflect those of Thanet District Council.

        Signatories to ePetitions will have their full names published in the ePetition they have signed.

        Please read the Privacy Notice for Democratic Services. This explains in detail how and what data we collect from us, the lawful basis for collecting that data, how long we keep it for and who we share it with.”

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