Ramsgate Future Overview

Thanet District Council funded the creation of a plan for the future of Ramsgate that aims to support a thriving town centre and the needs of local people. The Ramsgate Future Town Investment Plan makes the most of the town’s assets and aims to deliver a shared vision to transform and regenerate the town.

Having secured funding from the Future High Street Fund, High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ), and the Levelling Up Fund we now have a great opportunity to build on this through further funding and investment to:

  • Create new and better employment;
  • Enable local people to develop new skills for the economy of the future;
  • Support local businesses to grow;
  • Improve connections and make it easier to get around;
  • Celebrate and invest in our Seafront, History and Heritage.

The various funding streams outlined below help support the Town Investment Plan and the priorities identified for Ramsgate Future, whilst also building on the aspirations of future development.


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