Thanet Landlords’ Focus Group

The Focus Group

The Focus Group has been running since 2008 and works with the council to provide the landlord’s perspective. The group meets twice a year and is made up of landlords and managing agents who own or manage residential properties in Thanet.

The Focus Group provides a forum for consultation and offers landlords the opportunity to make suggestions on how the Council can improve services to them. It also leads on ideas for the Council’s Landlord Events.

Aim and Objectives

The primary aim of the Focus Group is to increase the level of communication between Thanet District Council and local private sector landlords and managing agents.

The four primary objectives of the Focus Group are:

  • To bring to the attention of the Council matters which are of importance to local private sector landlords and managing agents
  • To be a route through which all local private sector landlords and managing agents can raise relevant issues for discussion
  • To be a consultative body for policy changes proposed by the Council that could affect the private rented sector
  • To take the lead in determining the nature and content of the Council’s Landlord Events.

Terms of Reference

Next meeting

Date to be confirmed

  • Colin Matley (Private Landlord)
  • Damien Cooke (Cooke & Co)
  • Hugh Horton (New Beginnings (IoT) Limited T/A Belvoir Thanet)
  • Marion Money (National Residential Landlords Association)
  • Sally Brinson (Private Landlord)
  • Sara Wade (Private Landlord)
  • Teresa Dickinson (Oakwood Homes)
  • Keith Sharpe (Landlord)
  • Nigel Pope (Private Landlord)
  • David Votta (Votta)
  • Fiona Simmons (Private Landlord)
  • Jo Bennett (Private Landlord)
  • Mahtabb Abbasi (Regency Properties)
  • Helene Eriksen (Private Landlord)
  • Graham Kinnear (Private Landlord)
  • Susan Folkes (Private Landlord)

Are you a landlord? Do you want the Focus Group to discuss any particular issue affecting the private rented sector? If so, you can contact the Focus Group by email at  landlordsfocusgroup@thanet.gov.uk

All communications will be made available to the Focus Group. However, meetings are time limited and the Chair (not a Council officer) will determine which matters can be raised at the next meeting.


If you would like to register your interest in becoming a member of the Focus Group, please contact the Private Sector Housing Tema.  Unless there are vacancies, prospective members must stand for election. Elections take place every three years, with the results announced at the Landlord Event. A prospective member must:

  • Own or manage privately rented property within Thanet, or be a representative of a professional association or group recognised at a national or regional level which represents local landlords or managing agents; and
  • Be a fit and proper person. Any person who has been found guilty of a relevant offence (see Terms of Reference) will not be considered a fit and proper person.

We are currently accepting applications from those wishing to apply for membership of the Thanet Landlord’s Focus Group as some spaces are available. Please send an email to landlordsfocusgroup@thanet.gov.uk to request an application form.

Please return completed forms to: Private Sector Housing Team, Corporate Resources, Thanet District Council, PO Box 9, Cecil Street, Margate, Kent, CT9 1XZ. Alternatively, electronic applications may be sent to the above email address.


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