Cliffs End

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Cliffsend is west of Ramsgate and is famous for the arrival of the Jute Chieftains Hengist and Horsa in 410AD and St Augustine in 597AD.

The village still has a local post office, a village hall, children’s play area, the Sportsman Inn pub and St Augustine’s golf club.  Just outside the village is St Augustine’s Cross, a stone memorial erected in 1884 to commemorate St Augustine’s arrival in England.

The main attraction is the Viking Ship which is a replica Viking ship which arrived in 1949 having sailed from Denmark to England. The ship is protected by a metal fence as it is supported off the ground. Situated on a large area of grass it can be seen from the main road.



There is a parking area adjacent to the Viking ship on Sandwich Road.


A kiosk provides toilet facilities when it is open (weather dependent).
There is aToilet block adjacent to the Pegwell Country Park open all year round.


The kiosk is open during the summer season, however, this is weather dependent.

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