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Thanet has so much to offer in a variety of locations.  The area is surrounded on three sides by 19 miles of coastline. All of our beaches are made up of soft sand, but they vary from Botany Bay to Viking Bay.

To give you an idea of what the area looks like, we commissioned a film to show you what locations you can see in the area starting at Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour and following the coast round to Minnis Bay.

Thanet Coastal Film from Thanet District Council on Vimeo.

Thanet as a location

Thanet has a diverse range of locations, three main coastal towns that is each different to its neighbours. The district also has a variety of smaller towns and villages and most importantly, 19 miles of sandy beaches, some of which are considered to be the best in the south east.

  • London to Thanet – 1 Hour 17 minutes via HS1 high speed train from London St Pancras. Road access via M2/A2.
  • Ramsgate Royal Harbour – the only Royal Harbour in the UK.
  • Port of Ramsgate – council-owned commercial port
  • Dreamland amusement park

Click here to view a list of locations in Thanet

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