Kingsgate Bay

Brief description

At the bottom of the cliff overlooking Kingsgate Bay, is a secluded sandy cove.  Access is only available via a set of steep steps. The bay was renamed after King Charles I was forced to land here due to a bad storm.

Please do not to walk through the Kingsgate Arch as the cliffs are susceptible to chalk falls.  The arch is considered to be fragile and there is the possibility of more chalk falls from the arch. The chalk cliffs at Kingsgate Bay are not protected by sea walls, however the cliff between Kingsgate and Joss Bay is protected by a sea wall.

NB. Dogs are allowed on Kingsgate Bay all year round.

Please note that we will not give permission for early starts (prior to 7:00) for large production crews to use Kingsgate Bay due to the close proximity of residents.



Vehicle parking is available at the Captain Digby pub (Thorley Taverns) which is charged at a day rate of £10 per vehicle – please check in advance with Thorley Taverns.


There are no public facilities available at this bay.


The Captain Digby – is a family put with a café/restaurant/pub

Please contact The Captain Digby before filming to arrange permission to park and use the facilities, if required. Thorley Taverns and the staff at the Captain Digby are film friendly and very helpful.

Contact details

Telephone: 01843 867764
Email: digby@thorleytaverns.co.uk

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