9 July, 2020

Manston Airport development consent application

The Secretary of State has today (Thursday 9 July) confirmed that development consent for the Manston Airport application has been granted.

Further information can be viewed on the National Infrastructure Planning website. 

Leader of Thanet District Council, Cllr Rick Everitt said: “The council welcomes the fact that the Secretary of State has issued his decision over the Development Consent Order, as continuing uncertainty over the future of this important site is damaging in itself.

“We understand that Manston is an emotive issue for residents on both sides of the debate and for those in Ramsgate in particular. 

“In terms of the council’s position, we need to address this decision through the review and update of the Local Plan, in line with the Local Plan Inspectors’ recommendations.

“We’ve had no opportunity to read or consider the decision in detail in advance of today’s announcement and as such it would be inappropriate for the council to make any further response at this stage.”

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